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Juuls taking over high schools

How this e-cigarette has impacted high school students

A student's juul

A student's juul

Courtesy of Alondra Rodriguez

Courtesy of Alondra Rodriguez

A student's juul

Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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The latest trend in the San Jose Unified School District is a Juul, which has become very popular among the lives of people in high school. But what people don’t know is how harmful and dangerous owning a Juul can really be, not only with the law but with your health.

A Juul is an e-cigarette that contains 5% nicotine per cartridge, or “pod.” All of the nicotine that is in it causes it to be easily addictive.

Juuls are looked at as being closely related to a cigarette. Although it definitely does not look like one, the amount of nicotine that it contains is equivalent to one cigarette pack. It resembles a cigarette just in a portable device, which still gives off the same experience.

“It’s basically a harm reduction form for cigarettes because it gives all the same aspects of smoking one minus, like, all the nasty chemicals they have,” junior David Stafford said.

It’s popularity has increased because of how easy it is to sneak a puff just about anywhere. They’re also very small, so it’s easy to be discrete with it. It was mentioned by a freshman source who chose to remain anonymous that Juuls have been known to look like a USB. The resemblance between the two can cause people who don’t know about this device to be unaware.

“I don’t think it would be possible to get caught with one because they look so similar to a USB drive,” freshman Hector Hernandez said.  

That’s why there have been many questions raised about high school students being in possession of this device because hits can be taken almost anywhere, like in class. It is portable, and the e-cigarette has no type of smell connected to it, so it is also an advantage to those who own one.

However, actually getting caught with one all depends on the person who owns one, where they take it, and who they are juuling with.

A big concern to your health is that hitting a Juul can cause some side effects, either instantly or a few minutes after. You can start to get dizzy, may become dehydrated, and may feel light-headed.

New terms that have been introduced to explain the Juul effect include ‘nic sick’ and ‘nicked out,’ which pretty much means that you’ve consumed too much nicotine.

“Some side effects are you can get kind of dizzy and you can start to get a headache if you constantly are hitting it,” Hernandez said.

“These feelings make you feel intoxicated… It makes you feel a little dizzy and maybe even energetic,” freshman Matthew Acosta said.

    “It definitely can be harmful to your pocket,” Acosta continues. “It’ll be a lot of money you’re spending towards the Juul with all the pods especially if you’re addicted.”

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Juuls taking over high schools