A Moment To Appreciate Our PRIDE Team

To both the Interact and PRIDE teams for making Gunderson a wonderful high school experience

Quan Nguyen, Staff Writer

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Recently the Gunderson PRIDE team organized the Perfect Attendance Awards Ceremony dedicated to students who didn’t miss a day of school this year.

The PRIDE committee has arranged many school events to give back to the staff and students for being great examples of Gunderson PRIDE.

“We’re always about trying to make things more enjoyable and reward you guys just so that you know, that’s a big accomplishment to come to school every single day and have no tardies. I mean, that is huge and a lot of people understandably, they get sick so that would mess up their perfect attendance, but really, I mean that’s a huge accomplishment for somebody to do that,” librarian  Robin West said.

Both West and teacher Kristin Evans participate in the Gunderson PRIDE meetings before school in order to discuss ways to reward students for all of their hard work.

“So during the month we have three Tuesdays that are designated for collaboration within departments,” Evans said. “One of those collaborations is dedicated to the pride team. So we come super early in the morning … and we volunteer this time, and we do nothing but try to create new rewards and recognition for the students such as the pop up stores, the lip sync contest, and the multicultural festival the perfect attendance kind of thing.” Evans recognizes West’s dedication to providing a reward to the perfect attendance students.

“Not only that, she doesn’t even have to come to school till an hour after. So after everyone else and she went and picked up the donuts and the juice she used her own time as well as her own money and allowed us to invade her space, the library, to have the ceremony,” Evan stated.

The Perfect Attendance Awards Ceremony has been a topic that the PRIDE Team has looked forward for doing for some time now.

“We were all talking about it [The Perfect Attendance Ceremony] during the pride meeting…we have been talking about it before at a couple of other meetings even last year and nothing was ever done.,” West said. “So then I said, well, let’s go ahead. I’ll do it you know get stuff together so that we don’t let it go away because we think it’s important.”

West has dedicated much of her time and effort in order to give back to the community and organized the Awards Ceremony for the students of Gunderson.

“Ms. West organized everything for this, she gathered the donuts and juice for all of the students,” a teacher of the PRIDE team mentioned.

West dedicated much time to finding students that achieved a perfect attendance throughout the whole school year.

“I knew how to find out that information on who had perfect attendance and tardies… I asked some people to do this for me, but they didn’t know how to do it. So I went ahead and did it myself,” West said. “And the big part was going through and looking at the tardies because the attendance chart came out easy, but the part I had to look at was the students account and see if they had tardies for that semester. A lot of students were here every day, but they were tardy.”

The members of the PRIDE Team dedicate countless time and effort in order to bring an enjoyable experience to the students of Gunderson.

“I feel like the program exemplifies what we wanted here. We want to connect with with our students. We wanted to have it be a positive experience. We want our community to be closer and more understanding,” Evans said. “I think it [Gunderson PRIDE] means everything.”

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  1. Lori LeBlanc on October 18th, 2018 2:24 pm

    Well done PRIDE team! I love that you are working so hard to implement a positive environment for students!

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