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Leadership 2017-18’s favorite projects

What do Leadership students think was their favorite project this year?

Gunderson’s final bleacher set-up for Battle of the Bell with all of the students that attended

Gunderson’s final bleacher set-up for Battle of the Bell with all of the students that attended

Courtesy of Charlotte Campbell

Courtesy of Charlotte Campbell

Gunderson’s final bleacher set-up for Battle of the Bell with all of the students that attended

Alondra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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In the 2017-2018 school year, the Leadership class has worked on a variety of projects. Some of leadership’s favorite projects are Homecoming, Prom, rallies, Battle of the Bell, and 8th grade shadowing.

Yaremi Perez is a freshman in the Leadership class. She doesn’t exactly have a mainstream position except for helping with whatever is open. Her favorite project that she helped out a lot with is Homecoming.

“It was something we started preparing for very early. It’s stressful but very fun. It’s just our biggest event and we can do a lot with it and it’s just never a boring moment when it comes to homecoming,” Perez said.  

Perez had mentioned that it was her favorite project because working with the rest of the class created bonding time and a lot of memories. It also made it a fun time for her because of the laughs that they had with each other; there was never a dull or boring moment between them.

“It’s the longest project and there’s sooo much to do. It’s always my favorite because our class bonds during this time. We fight, laugh, stress, and make memories,” Perez said.

Another student named Melinda Correa, a junior, mentioned that her favorite project that she got to work on this year was also Homecoming

“It’s my favorite because it’s always so exciting seeing each class decorate their own hallways and see how everything comes together,” Correa said.

Although Homecoming is very much loved, there are things that they wish can be done differently if they had the chance to go back to when they first started working on it.

“I would have probably made more decorations because you feel like you have enough but when it came to the day we didn’t have too many things. It’s always better to have more than less,” Perez said.

However, Charlotte Campbell’s all time favorite would have to be Battle of the Bell. This is a part-time rally, part-time dance that is put together by Gunderson AND Pioneer’s leadership class.

Battle of the Bell decorations are usually worked on for a month or two. The class even gets to interact with Pioneer during this time.

“The most fun part was getting to hang out with Pioneer for promo videos and decorations and things like that,” Campbell said.

In her perspective, Charlotte thinks that it also brought the class together instead of being separated by the grade that they are in.

“I liked BOTB the most because the whole class worked together on the decorations instead of each class working alone, which is how we do it for rallies,” Campbell said.

Although there isn’t many to work on throughout the school year, a lot of time and effort is put into projects here at Gunderson and favorites vary within them.

“From rallies to homecoming to even spending some time together, working on these projects bring a lot of fun to us as a class,” Campbell said.

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Leadership 2017-18’s favorite projects