AP Testing The Quiet Before The Storm

What the experience was like for students to take AP testing


The room Gunderson high school uses for all AP testing.

Quan Nguyen, Staff Writer

AP Testing; the cruel mistress that brings both joy when you finish, but tragedy throughout the test.

AP Testing lasts for two straight hours with a ten minute break in between sections. The atmosphere itself is modest and solemn as students prepared to enter the dungeon of testing.

“I’m very confident about AP Testing but, i’m a bit nervous about AP US since i’m just better at math generally.” Junior Gary Hayner, a student that has already been through the struggles of AP World, said.

As we entered into the retrofitted F-11 testing building, students began to put away their backpacks to the farthest corners of the room. Hundred of cell phones slipped into their individual pouches becoming silenced like that of obedient children. Soon afterwards we gathered to our respective seats and awaited testing. The AP U.S teacher, Gerson Castro, entered the classroom to wish his classes goodluck on the AP exam they were about to partake in.

“I thought I was well prepared, and that I could do it” Junior Josh Teixeria, a student taking AP U.S History, AP Biology, and AP English Language all in one year had to say.

Everyone waited in silence as the test director announced the following procedures for this years AP U.S History testing. Afterwards everyone began to converse with one another until the next set of instructions were given out.

“I was very familiarized with the subject matter,” Teixeria said.

Soon afterwards the testing packets were administered and the testing began. Dozens of students quietly worked on their own individual multiple choice sections. While some quickly blazed through the first set of questions, others started to become bogged down in the swamp of questions that were provided.

“I think my teachers have prepared me for AP testing,  I think I should pass them,” Gary Hayner said.

Only an hour after the tests were administered, the clock rang and the administrator ordered every student to grab a snack and take a ten minute break.

“There was a topic I didn’t cover as much during class which stressed me out,” Teixeria said.

Soon after the ten minute break was over, students began to travel back into F-11 to resume testing. The essay portion of the exam had begun and soon the sound of flipping papers engulfed the classroom as students searched through the sources for clear evidence they could argue.

Throughout the test, students rushed quickly and efficiently through the packet in order to finish on time. As soon as the the announcement was given out that the AP U.S exam was over, everyone stopped working and dropped their pens as a wave of sighs and relieve was exhaled from the classroom knowing that they finished the AP U.S final exam.

“I’m pretty relieved this year after the AP U.S exam,” Gary Hayner said.