Tuesday Night Blues

Isabella Ochoa, Staff Writer

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On tuesday march 6, Gordon Smith, a math teacher and band director at GHS, invited his student to visit the Poor House Bistro in downtown san jose to watch a music performance. Mason Romero is a freshman here at Gunderson High School. He’s a part of the  GHS band and plays the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, and he sings. He started guitar at 7, bass at 13, drums at 11, and has been singing as long as he can remember. Mason aspires to be a famous musician when he grows older. He has written a few pieces on his own but nothing has been completed.

The Poor House Bistro is a restaurant where people from around the area come and play the blues, even if they do not know each other. That evening mason had the opportunity to perform a song with Aki Kumar & a special guest performer, Rome Yamoliv. Akarsha “Aki” Kumar is indian-born blues musician now living in San Jose, california. After working at a technology job, he is now a harmonica player and a vocalist. Yamoliv is a guitarist who conducted the blues jam along with, Mason and Aki.
“ i thought to myself  ‘i know what i am doing and i can do this,’” mason said.

If someone wanted to play they would need to talk to Jay Meduri, the one who organizes everything. Mason had told jay that he did indeed want to play but the problem was he did not have a guitar. Mr. Smith had talked to Yamoliv, the main guitarist, and he let him borrow an extra guitar he had.

“ with the blues jam someone will most likely tell you ‘1, 4, 5’. it’s a certain chord and a certain key. so they’ll tell you what key it is and that will be the pattern that you play over and over again.”

” i thought he would play very soon, but i would have never expected mason to play on his first night.” Mr. Smith said. Romero got the chance to play the blues jam and said he had an amazing time doing it because he was confident in himself and comfortable in the environment he was in. 

” i hope that as freshman and sophomores who are going on through their years playing music, inspire others,” Mason said.
” we should go out more to public events like this because its all for the public. its trying to entertain people but having fun while you do it.”

this event happens every tuesday night at 7:00 until 10:00. Aki Kumar will be playing with a special guest each time. Mason will be there once a month and says he plans on performing each time and next time he will remember to bring his guitar. 


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